NOMADIC VISIONS - mask making, bead work, & sculpture
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stirring within a 3 dimensional tapestry are fine illuminated strands dancing, shimmering, pulsating, and ever-moving, creating a loosely woven tapestry from fibers of the past, present, and future. in the unseen center that encompasses the all, movement, relationship, and connection of these strands becomes the birthplace of mythology. the mask work and myth that comes to me and from me is a physical manifestation of this dance.
i choose my materials for each piece according to what the creation calls for. no animals are harmed for my work, and i try to stay as natural as possible. i research the shops i buy materials from as to the means used in obtaining their products. i incorporate found plant and animal matter in my work with respect and gratitude to the provider.
The masks are generally made from plaster of paris, clay, wood, paper, fabric, and found or purchased organic objects such as bone, shell, semiprecious stones, and other ornamental objects.
I offer workshops in beginner and advanced bead work and workshops and seminars in mask making and living mythology. 
I can be reached by: e-mail at:
Virginia Columbo
Box 333 Eckert, Co. 81418
phone: 970-901-8169
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